Contemporary Avant Garde Jazz / Classical

There were two versions of THE FOURTH WORLD QUARTETTE, both a strange mix of free form jazz and contemporary classical music. The first, formed in the fall of 1974 and featured brother Roger Clark Miller.
This original version was more classical leaning.  The second version, forming later in 1975, after Roger left school, featured Denman Maroney,
our music teacher, and was more jazz leaning.
Both quartet ensembles recorded a large collection of original material during their short life spans. Plans are to upload these compositions this year.

FOURTH WORLD QUARTETTE II seen here performing at Grand Rapid's Thomas Jefferson College
"end of the year" out door party. Needless to say, the kids were stumped...

(notice Denman, literally inside the piano)

                                                                                                               Ben Miller/Alto Sax   Jack Waterstone/Alto Sax   Laurence Miller/Bass Clarinette Denman Maroney/Piano