Trip Folk Duo

Influences: Tyranasourus Rex (not to be confused with T. Rex), Syd Barrett,
Cat Stevens, and Simon & Garfunkel ...
kind of


BRAINAL UNIT  was an alt folk duo with twin brother Laurence and Benjamin Miller.  Both twins wrote original material (50/50) singing and playing acoustic guitar.  Sadly there were very few recordings made, and the two played only a small handful of shows during their three years together.  BRAINAL UNIT's only claim to fame is having gigged at The Cantaberry House, Ann Arbor's folk club of the day.

BRAINAL UNIT performing at PIONEER II during the school's "Death Symposium" circa 1972. This experimental high school
relocated downtown later, in a more organized fashion, renamed COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL (Commie High).

Photo by Jim Reese

                                                                                                                                               Laurence Miller                                   Ben Miller 

Laurence in one of a few pictures from those times, circa 1971.  This photo is taken from an
Ann Arbor News article about the newly formed free high school they attended,
  At that time Laurence was majoring in "tree climbing"...

Summer 1971 -- Displaying impromptu "hand design" w/roach in fingers