MISTER LAURENCE and his Play Money Band

Rock Music for Children

                        1998: Laurence reinvented himself as a children's entertainer. He began writing quirky songs, recording numerous
                                 CD's, and performing all around S.E. Michigan along to his prerecorded backup group The Play Money Band.
                        2002: Mister Laurence begins to churn out multiple music videos and "live" performances on TV.
                        2003: Music Video productions begin receiving 1st place and finalist awards.                                  
                        2009: Mister Laurence expands his solo shtick with Ms. Princess Melinda on keyboards & vocals, along with her amazing
                                 animatronic mechanical brainchild; OSO the Drumming Bear - now renamed as THE MISTER LAURENCE EXPERIENCE.
                        2010: Mister Laurence begins writing the script and composing the music for his 1st full-length film, GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE.
                        2012: THE MISTER LAURENCE EXPERIENCE begins shooting GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE.
                        2013: Mister Laurence downsizes his performance presentation to a one-man-band, once again, with yet another CD in the works.
                        2014: GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE is completed.  The Trailer for the film was screened in Royal Oak at THE MICHIGAN MITTEN
                                MOVIE PROJECT, April 1st, 2014. The Director's Cut's debut s
creening was held in Ann Arbor's Yellow Barn, May 9th.
                                $5.00 Admission included a raffle ticket chance to own a DVD copy with grape juice & chocolate covered raisins provided.
                        2015-17: Mister Laurence takes a back seat to his children's performance presentation, focusing mainly on singing for kids at the local preschools.

Click on the link below to hear an in depth interview about his creative work
at Ann Arbor Cable Television Network, and GROWING GRAPES FOR THE FUTURE.

CTN Interview with MISTER LAURENCE (late March 2014).mp3

Promo Shot March 2013


MISTER  LAURENCE  in  Brief  Retrospect:

2001 Sterlingfest

2008 Cable TV performance with Summercamp kids

In 2009, Ms. Princess Melinda joined him on stage playing keyboards and singing. This newly revamped presentation was
then renamed THE MISTER LAURENCE EXPERIENCE.  Together they produced five award winning music videos,
including their
Community TV Children's Variety Show, Mister Laurence's Enchanted Green Tree Fort.


Fall 2009 Debut CD Release Concert for their CD, MARMALINE / MY MUSIC MACHINE

By 2010 they'd added a third member ~ OSO the drumming bear! First showcased in their award winning music video
"I'm GLAD at You!", OSO later joined them in performance on stage by December of that year.  Pictured below
we see OSO after having just played his solo on their music video THE TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC.

PROMO SHOT Summer 2010
Ms. Princess Melinda       OSO the Drumming Bear    Mister Laurence

2011 Chelsea "Sounds & Sights" Festival

2011 Plymouth Green Fair

2012:  THE MISTER LAURENCE EXPERIENCE recorded their CD "THE TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC" before finally disbanding.
MISTER LAURENCE has continued on as solo performer.  To hear his music, purchase
 CD's, view music videos and learn more 
about this delightfully mad-cap pop act for kids, please check out his official website  ww.misterlaurence.com