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Progressive Rock


Laurence Miller
Guitar, bass, and vocals
Ben Miller
Guitar, bass, and vocals
Doug Peterson

               Laurence Miller        Doug Peterson                     Ben Miller                            
Fall 1980

THE OTHER BAND, lead by Laurence Miller and his twin bro, Ben Miller, lasted from fall 1980 to fall 1982.  Ben and Laurence would alternately switch from guitar to bass, depending on who was leading the song.  The band was born from the ashes of THE SAME BAND (see below), shortly after
they lost their bass player, Gerhardt Shlansky.  NOTE: THE OTHER BAND was then predocessor to the next and most successful band of the three 80's groups the Miller's co-lead, 
NONFICTIONOf the three groups however, Laurence personally votes THE OTHER BAND in as the superior band.  Ironically, the quality of life for both Laurence and Ben during that time was absolute hell.  As they say, sometimes one needs to destroy to create...  NOTE: THE OTHER BAND recorded a professional 2-song single, but was unable to hustle up the remaining cash to finish the project and print it to vinyl.

SideA:  TOO MUCH FUN ~ written by Ben Miller
Side B:  WORK WITH WHAT YOU GOT ~ written by Laurence Miller


                                                                                                                  Laurence Miller         Doug Peterson               Ben Miller

 ...comic relief as vampires on Halloween...

Ben Miller                             Laurence Miller         Doug Peterson              


Progressive Rock

Laurence Miller
Guitar, and vocals
Ben Miller
Guitar, and vocals
Gerhardt Shlansky
Bass, and vocals
Doug Peterson

Written by Ben Miller
(an obscure sample-snippet from their summer 1980 community television broadcast)

April 1980

              Doug Peterson                 Laurence Miller             Ben Miller            Gerhardt Shlansky 

THE SAME BAND, co-lead by Laurence Miller and his twin bro, Benjamin Miller, ran from December 1979 to fall 1981.  It was the first band Benjamin & Laurence would perform in together since the break up of DESTROY ALL MONSTERS.
An interesting mix of pop and rock with a jazz attitude, The Same Band had a progressive sound, with bass player Gerhardt Shlansky and drummer Doug Peterson providing a strong rhythm section.  NOTE: Gerhardt Shlansky ran a loft
called THE NEW OLD BRICK where many local and out of town acts performed.  Consequently, The Same Band played there often as the house band.


April 1980
Rehearsing at the "New Old Brick"
Doug  Peterson    Laurence Miller    Gerhardt Shlansky          Ben Miller


In rehearsal, micro manager Laurence seen dictating exactly how his fellow same-band-mates should have played that last note...


Again, Laurence - performing "live" with the Same Band, at Ann Arbor's Star Bar?...