Power Pop Rock

Laurence: Vocals, guitars, and bass
Rich: Bass
Tony: Drums

Gordon Gigantic is the name of a dismissed fire chief from Detroit that spoke out about the
handling of devils night and the fires that ensued, circa 1994. Gordon was then let go by
Tony Archer's surrogate uncle Dennis Archer, the former mayor of Detroit.

This short-lived  rock band was born out of Miller's discontent with LARYNX ZILLION'S NOVELTY SHOP, most specifically it's lack of commercial success.  After losing their bass player, struggles continued with 2nd guitarist Jeffrey Steiger, until they finally folded. GORDON GIGANTIC only gigged twice, but managed to record a hip 5-song collection making local rag AGENDA's "This year's best music release", in 1995.

Five-Song Cassette on FarFetched Records, released May 1995 
AGENDA / Voted #4 of the Top 10 ”Best  of 1995”

“...if there is any one greatest injustice on the local music scene, it’s the fact that Laurence Miller, the guiding force behind this five-tune release, isn’t world famous
by now.  From the original lineup of Destroy All Monsters, to his other-planet ravings of Larynx Zillion’s Novelty Shop, Miller has proven to be another one-of-a-kind performer of world-class talents and brains...”

Alan Goldsmith  AGENDA


GG Same Boat.mp3

        (c) 1985 Benjamin Rush Miller / Neoteric Music

GG Sea Anemone.mp3

        (c) 1989 Laurence Bond Miller / Bond Voyage Music

GG Plague of Love.mp3

        (c) 1991 Laurence Bond Miller / Bond Voyage Music


GG There's A Place.mp3

        (c) 1964 Lennon & McCartney