"Modern Rock"

(Late 1981 thru early 1985)

                                                                                                                                               Laurence                         Bill                        Ben



Nonfiction was Ann Arbor's Avant Punk power trio of the '80's.  The band was born from the ashes of THE OTHER BAND, on the scene from late 1981 into early 1985. Lead by Laurence and brother Ben, the twins would alternately switch guitar to bass between sets, depending on who was leading the songs.  NONFICTION was one of 12 bands showcased in the ANN ARBOR MUSIC PROJECT's 1st "live" compilation LP, in 1982.  Miller's song, WALKIE TALKIE, was picked for their contribution.  

... Nonfiction is perhaps the most creative and exciting band in Ann Arbor. An outgrowth of the Same Band, Nonfiction is composed of Ben Miller, his twin brother Larry and former Confessions drummer Bill Frank. Drawing upon influences as rich as Eno, Hendrix, MX-80 Sound and Pere Ubu, the trio has come up with an unusual fusion. In live performance, Nonfiction is simultaneously danceable, intelligent and funny. Though they are the supporting act on the bill, their set should be the musical highlight of the night ..." 
Bill Brown, The Ann Arbor News, 21 August 1982

"... There are questions that other musicians would answer until they were blue in the face (like ‘How did you come up with the name for the band?’) that the members of Nonfiction will answer in a few short sentences or a sincere ‘I don’t know.’ The bottom line is that they have no need of the gift of gab. Fluent in at least four different musical languages (jazz, rock, classical and experimental), they play what they need to say. And, on a good night, Nonfiction says it so well that the air can be filled with that electric sense that you were there when something exciting took place ..." 
Bill Brown, The Ann Arbor News, 20 November 1982

Walking Sideways Talking Backwards
Neoteric Records

Nonfiction's double LP cassette WALKING SIDEWAYS / TALKING BACKWARDS was released in 1984.
Side (A) sported studio cuts while Side (B) consisted of "live" songs from Ann Arbor's Joe's Star Lounge.
This cassette was later re-released with a bonus cut with Ben Miller's clever arrangement of Laurie Anderson's OH, SUPERMAN.

 "...aggressively avant guarde pop. One of the few bands that can
handle atonality and a beat at the same time..."
Ann Arbor
News / November  1984

 "...Best local release of the year...”
Detroit Metro Times / December 1984


Below are three unreleased rough garage recordings just before the band folded late 1984, early 1985

STRUNG OUT WORLD ~ Written by Ben. 

LBM www NON Strung Out.mp3 LBM www NON Strung Out.mp3
Size : 2.014 Kb
Type : mp3

BIG BANG  ~ Always in search of a dramatic theme, what better than the apocalypse?
                   Written by Laurence.

LBM www NON Big Bang.mp3 LBM www NON Big Bang.mp3
Size : 2.415 Kb
Type : mp3

DAYDREAM BELIEVER ~ One of a very few covers we ever worked up, this one never performed.
Written by John Stewart (of The Kingston Trio)

LBM www NON Daydream.mp3 LBM www NON Daydream.mp3
Size : 1.962 Kb
Type : mp3